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Do you know the benefits and efficacy of Rubescens?


Rabdosia rubescens, also known as lingcao, is a perennial herb or subshrub of the Lamiaceae family, and is a small shrub. It is a variety of the broken rice plant of the Lamiaceae family, because its plants are condensed as thin as cicada wings and have different shapes. Named after the butterfly-shaped ice flakes. The whole plant is covered with silvery white borneol. It has the effect of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, invigorating the stomach and invigorating blood circulation.


Rabdosia rubescens has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. Rabdosia rubescens has a certain effect of lowering blood lipids. It can be used together with Cassia, and the effect is more significant when combined with a light diet. Rabdosia rubescens has a certain blood pressure lowering effect and can be used together with Prunella vulgaris. For tongue sores caused by strong heart fire, Rubescensica can be used together with Huang. Rabdosia rubescens can also treat acute suppurative tonsillitis, and can be used together with Gualoupi and Campanulaceae. Toothache is usually caused by stomach heat. Rabdosia rubescens can be used together with Coptis chinensis. It is recommended to use Rubescens with caution due to deficiency of the spleen and stomach.


The role of Rabdosia rubescens:

Rabdosia rubescens is bitter, sweet and slightly cold in nature. Rabdosia rubescens has good heat-clearing toxin, blood-activating and pain-relieving, bacteriostatic, and anti-tumor effects. It is mainly used for sore throat, tonsillitis, cold headache, bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, joint rheumatism, and snake and insect bites. The whole plant has a relieving effect on esophageal cancer, breast cancer, and rectal cancer. Rabdosia rubescens, together with chemotherapy and other anticancer drugs, has obvious synergistic effect in the treatment of cancer, which is beyond the reach of general anticancer drugs.

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The anti-tumor effect of Rabdosia rubescens is mainly used to prevent and treat esophageal cancer in the folk. But there are very few local people suffering from this disease for a long time. Transplanted tumors in experimental animals, such as Ehrlich ascites cancer, liver cancer, reticulum cell sarcoma, etc. have inhibitory effects; can prevent the esophageal epithelial hyperplasia caused by nitrosamine from transforming into cancer; it has obvious effects on a variety of cocci and bacilli. Clinical experiments on the antibacterial effect of Rubescens have proved that Rabdosia rubescens can significantly relieve symptoms of esophageal cancer, cardia cancer, primary liver cancer and breast cancer, stabilize and shrink the tumor and prolong the life of the patient. Combined with chemotherapy, it can reduce the adverse reactions of chemotherapy drugs, improve the curative effect, and also has a certain curative effect on severe esophageal epithelial hyperplasia. In addition, it has a significant effect on acute laryngitis and acute suppurative tonsillitis, and also has good effect on chronic bronchitis and chronic pharyngitis.


Studies have found that Rabdosia rubescens also has the functions of antipyretic, reducing dryness and soothing throat, lowering blood lipids, and lowering blood pressure. It has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on colds and fever, sores on the tongue and burns. It can be used as a daily health drink for middle-aged and elderly people and some special groups, such as teachers, actors, announcers, etc., and has the effect of delaying aging.


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